Dear International Members

Important information for all ICES International partners

Dear International Partners, Representatives and Ambassadors of ICES:

I have been appointed as Coordinator of all international partners. I am very happy to serve and assist in any way to each and every one of you. This is a year of changes for our organization, and we hope to count on all of you, so that ICES becomes more and more international. For that, we must do a strong team work, together we will be able to take a step forward, achieve better benefits for our members, strengthen our organization and place it at the top, making our Annual Convention one of the best in the world. I am counting on you, to turn that idea into a reality!

Now, the time has come to start making plans for your participation in the 44th Annual ICES Convention & Show, July 16th-21st, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Many of you will require an INVITATION LETTER to obtain your Visa to enter the United States. I am your contact for this application. Include the following information:
Your name as it appears on your passport, your address of residence (many of our records show your mailing address).
Passport number
Member’s sex because we make statements about her or her.
Do you have a pastry business?
If you do, I need the business name and business address. If you work outside your home, that’s fine, too.
Tax number for the business.

If you do not own a cake business, do you work in a cake business? If so, please send me that information.

Your request can be sent by email to Be sure to write “ICES Invitation” in the subject line so that it opens as soon as you arrive. You can also send your request to Membership Coordinator, Helen Osteen at 2502 Esther Ave., Pasadena, Texas 77502-3239.

Your request for this letter should be sent to me as soon as you decide to come to the US. This request MUST be received no later than two (2) months before the ICES Show, that is … the maximum date is May 20, 2018.

The ICES Convention and Show of 2019 will be held at the State Convention Center in Downtown Arkansas. Online registration for the convention begins on April 1, 2019. at The early registration fee is $ 190.00 for ICES members, after June 1, 2018 the registration fee is $ 225.00. All prices are subject to change and are in United States dollars.

Tickets for the shows are $ 7.00 each and you can buy up to a total of eight (8) tickets with your registration. Practical classes are $ 75.00 each. You will be limited to three (3) classes during the early bird registration. You can register for more classes after June 2, 2019.

This year, we will have many surprises, we will have a show full of new experiences, in a city that will undoubtedly be unforgettable! I hope you will accompany us to Show 44!

Do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns.

Osires Barbosa (Oss)
International Chair & International Liaison
Calle 23 # 74B-33, Modelia, Bogota, Colombia