ICES Representatives are the lifeblood of ICES. They are often instrumental in promoting the organization, gathering it members, and promoting ICES to the world. The Representative is often the key to the success of a Chapter.

The election of a Representative and other Officers is a serious matter and should be addressed in a proper manner. Your membership deserves proper representation and leadership. If you need ANY help with elections please contact your Board mentor or Representative Liaison.

At minimum each ICES State/Area/Province/Country should have a Representative and a Treasurer. Ideally each S/A/P/C should have a Representative, Alternate Representative, Treasurer, Secretary, and in larger states, multiple area coordinators. Some S/A/P/C/Cs also elect or appoint a newsletter editor, additional alternate reps, a webmaster, fundraising, or scholarship coordinators, and other various positions. Each ICES Chapter MUST have representation in the form of a State Representative, Alternate Representative, Treasurer, and Secretary. Elections for these positions are held every two (2) years, usually just before the Annual ICES Convention and Show so that the new Representatives can be installed at the Convention, however elections can be held at any time if the need arises. Representatives are allowed to serve two (2) consecutive two (2) year terms if elected to do so. Representatives may serve beyond this time limit if the membership votes to extend their term limit. If no Representative candidates are brought forth for election, the ICES Representative Liaison may appoint a member of that state to serve as the Representative.

  • Notification of the election must go to the entire local ICES membership forty (40) to sixty (60) days before the election is held and such notification should include:
    1. an invitation for willing, eligible candidates to respond within a ten (10) day deadline;
    2. a list of all known vacant positions;
    3. the date and location of the upcoming meeting; and
    4. a clear outline of the election procedures
  •  A second notification should be sent to the entire local ICES membership with a list of all known candidates about thirty (30) days before the election. This notice should include an Absentee Ballot and the Proxy Form. (See Notification of Local Candidates letter.)
  •  Any local ICES member in good standing for one continuous year immediately preceding the nomination date is eligible for office.
  •  Verify all of your members’ eligibility to be nominated and/or to vote with the ICES Membership Coordinator or Representative Liaison prior to the nomination date and election date.
  •  Nominations may be made from the floor during local election meetings and all candidates must be on the verified list from the above process.
  •  The record date for determination of members’ eligibility to vote is thirty (30) days prior to any election. Only ICES members qualifying under this ruling from the S/A/P/C/C where the election is being held are eligible to vote. Non-ICES members or those whose membership has expired are not eligible to vote.
  •  A quorum of the S/A/P/C/C membership must be present for the election to be held. A quorum constitutes of three percent (3%) of the membership within the local S/A/P/C/C.
  •  A ballot must consist of individual names listed for each open position. Ballots may not consist of slates of candidates which would be voted in as a group.
  •  The election will be held by secret ballot. Absentee Ballots must be return postmarked fourteen (14) days prior to the election to the designated responsible party (current Representative, if not a candidate; local officer, if not a candidate; member locally appointed for this purpose; or Representative Liaison, if no qualifying Representative or local officer can be named for this procedure).
  • Proxy Forms must be in writing by the ICES member and submitted to the responsible party appointed by the ICES Representative, the locally appointed member for this purpose or the Representative Liaison, twenty-four (24) hours prior to the election.
  • No more than five (5) proxy votes may be cast by any one (1) person at the meeting.
  • If all candidates are unopposed for their offices and have been ICES members in good standing for one continuous year immediately preceding the nomination date, the candidate or slate of candidates can be accepted by acclamation. FOR NON-CHAPTERS ONLY.

CHAPTERS, per the Chapter bylaws, must conduct their elections during a scheduled meeting, by secret ballot only. Candidates may not be accepted by the above method.

  • To be elected, the candidate needs to receive a majority of the actual votes cast for that position.