Suzy Zimmermann
Your new ICES President for 2018-2019

Putting together our Annual Convention and Show is a monumental task. I would like to thank our Show Directors, Shari Buchannan and Karen Garback, and the various committee members who did an excellent job in bringing this Convention and Show together.They brought together inspiring and knowledgeable individuals within an environment which promotes energy and creativity.  Thank you also to the show contractors: BlueSkyz, Stringer Photography, Tex Expo, Prestige Audio Visual, the Millennium Hotel and the Duke Energy Center.  Also special thanks to Fran Wheat, Show Advisor; Helen Osteen, Membership Coordinator; Beatriz Mueller, Official Translator; and the Board of Directors for their continued service to ICES.

ICES has a lot to offer, and we have the power to share the fun, the knowledge, and the amazing opportunities that come with being a Sugar Artist. That’s my challenge to every ICES member. Share ICES with someone today, then share your stories with me at

Suzy Zimmermann labels herself as a Creative Entrepreneur, a Sugar Artist, Teacher and business woman. She is owner of Queen of Cake and Events in San Antonio, Texas. She has been married to her high school sweetheart Randy Fleisher for almost 40 years. They have 3 beautiful daughters and 5 rambunctious grandsons.