2018-2019 ICES Board of Directors

Pam Dewey
 Chairman of the Board

-Ethics /Job Description Chairman

Awards / Bylaws / Convention / Vendors


Suzy Zimmermann

All Committees



Jan Wolfe
Vice President
Certification & Education Chairman / Convention Chairman / Vendor Liaison
Ethics/Job Descriptions / Internet/Social Media . /Publicity


Cherryl Kemp
Recording Secretary
Newsletter / Minutes Recap Chairman

Ethics / Vendors


Elizabeth Dickson
Budget & Finance/Contract Chairman 

Ethics/Job Descriptions / Ways and Means / Certification & Education / Vendors / Property & Records


Chris Arrington
Logo Chairman

Committees: Bylaws / Representatives /Budget & Finance / Contracts / Ways and Means

Mentored States AL, CA, CO/WY, DC/DE/MD, MS


Osires Barbosa
International Liaison

Committees: Convention / Internet / Publicity / Social Media / Representatives / Membership

Mentored States: All International Countries


Jim Bender
Committees: Internet / Publicity / Social Media / Representatives / Logo

Mentored States: KS, AK, MN,



Tina Crews
Representatives Liaison

Committees: Internet / Publicity / Social Media / Newsletter / Minutes Recap / Nominations & Elections

Mentored States: All US States and Territories 


Becky Lujan
Nominations & Elections Chairman

Committees: Budget & Finance / Contracts / Representatives / Awards / Logo

Mentored States: GA, NM, PA, PR, VA, FL


Theresa McKibbin
Property & Records (Historical) Chairman
Bylaws Chairman

Committees: Budget & Finance/Contracts / Ethics /Job Descriptions

Mentored States: AR, KY, OK, MT, WV, MI


Jennifer McRoberts
Ways & Means Chairman

Committees: Budget & Finance / Contracts / Membership / Property & Records / Bylaws

Mentored States: AR, OH, SC, WA, NY, NE, MO


Kyla Myers
Internet / Publicity / Social Media Chairman

Committees: Convention

Mentored States: ID, IL, LA, NJ


Sherri Randell
Membership Chairman

Committees: Internet / Publicity / Social Media / Certification & Education / Newsletter/Minutes Recap / Awards

Mentored States: APO, IN, NV, TX, WI, VT

Gwendolyn Scroggins
Committees: Ways and Means / Property & Records / Logo

Sub Committee: Digitalization

Mentored States: CT/RI, ME, MA/NH, NC, TN