Memorial Scholarship

Lourdes Reyes

Born in Mexico City, Lourdes Reyes was always crazy about art. She began by painting miniatures and was soon doing all types of crafts. In 1992 she began teaching courses in various techniques including Wilton Method Cake Decorating, Cake Decorating with Fondant, Jellies and 3D Gelatin art, gingerbread houses, and Fine Art Chocolate, Cookies, Gumpaste …

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Rena Will

ICES Charter Member 31 years Rena owned and operated her own candy and cake decorating business in Sapulpa, OK for 34 years. She made many wonderful friends through her work. She took great pride in decorating wedding and birthday cakes. Rena was a charter member of ICES and twice served on the ICES Board of …

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Diane Shavkin

ICES Member for 34 years Diane grew up watching her mom decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies. In 1968, she was given the Wilton yearbook and some basic supplies. This set off her love of cake decorating and resulted in her wining several awards including First Place/Felicitations of the Jury at the Culinary Cake Show.  In …

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Susan O’Boyle-Jacobson

Susan O’Boyle Jacobson, of MN, joined ICES March 1, 1979. She served as her state representative, Show Director in 1998, served two terms on the ICES Board of Directors and was elected as our ICES president in 1985 and again in 2001. Always an eager demonstrator she made her students feel like the world was …

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Carolyn Lawrence

ICES Charter Member 33 years Carolyn Lawrence loved cake decorating and she loved ICES.  She was a Charter Member of ICES and attended most of the ICES Conventions and many mid-year meetings.  She only stopped attending because her health would not allow it. Carolyn served 2 terms on the ICES Board of Directors and was …

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Francie Snodgrass

ICES Member 35 years Francie Snodgrass joined ICES in 1983. During her long tenure with ICES she served in many capacities. Francie served as both an alternate state representative as well as a full state representative for Virginia ICES and North Carolina ICES. Francie took up the mantle of show director in 1993 serving as …

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