2013-2014 ICES Board of Directors

Beth Lee Spinner – Chairman

Kathy Scott - President

Regina Bankston – Vice President

B Keith Ryder - Treasurer

Sharon Briggs – Recording Secretary

Carley King – Corresponding Secretary



Awards (Awards, Hall of Fame, Scholarships)

Chris Olson, Chairman - Gloria Griffin, Fran Wheat


Budget & Finance

Debbie Woodruff,  Chairman- B. Keith Ryder, Maureen Cleveland 



B. Keith Ryder, Chairman - Maureen Lawson, Trevor Burroughs


Certification & Education

Vicky Harlen, Chairman - Regina Bankston, B. Keith Ryder, Gloria Griffin, Joshua Simpson



Fran Wheat, Chairman – Millie Green, Debbie Woodruff, Candy Knappenberger



Beth Lee Spinner, Chairman – Kathy Scott President, Regina Bankston Vice President, B. Keith Ryder Treasurer, Sharon Briggs Rec. Secretary, Carley King Corr. Secretary, Gloria Griffin Past President, Fran Wheat.


Gloria Griffin, Chairman – Millie Green, Carley King


Internet/Ways & Means

Regina Bankston, Chairman - Carley King, Debbie Woodruff, Joshua Simpson



Joshua Simpson, Chairman - Debbie Woodruff, Trevor Burroughs


Newsletter (Recap)

Maureen Lawson, Chairman - Regina Bankston, Vicky Harlen, Candy Knappenberger


Nominations & Elections (Job Descriptions)

Millie Green, Chairman – Carley King, Vicky Harlen


Property & Records Management (Historical)

Sharon Briggs, Chairman - Ann Marie Hasse, Maureen Cleveland, Millie Green


Publicity (Logo)

Ann Marie Haase, Chairman - Maureen Lawson, Fran Wheat, Gloria Griffin, Sharon Briggs, Maureen Cleveland


Representatives (Chapters)

Carley King, Rep Liaison - Fran Wheat, Gloria Griffin, Candy Knappenberger


Social Media

Candy Knappenberger, Chairman - Regina Bankston, Carley King, Fran Wheat