Membership Special

Hi Everyone!

Login to the member side and click on “Membership Special” to receive the following discounts in memberships!


Current US Members, International Members, Gold Key and Student Members may sign up a new or lapsed US Member, International  Member, or Student Member with a 25% discount off of the new or returning Member’s membership dues, and also receive a 25% discount on their  own renewal for one year. Both Members must sign up and pay at the same time.

The current Member will have the year added to their existing membership. All types of membership categories are eligible, with the exception of Lifetime, Charter and Associate memberships.

Three-year memberships will be excluded.

Current members can sign up as many new or renewal members as they want but they can only renew their membership for a total of two years at the discounted rate.

Discounted rates will be: US Members – $45.00 Student and Gold Key Members – $37.50 International Members – $56.25 International Gold Key Members – $48.75

1. Charter and Lifetime Members may sign up as many new or lapsed members with a 25% discount off the new or returning member‘s dues only. Their own membership dues will not be discounted.

2. Associate Memberships: Current Members (excluding Associate members) may also sign up an Associate Member at a 25% discount off of their membership dues. The discounted rate for an Associate membership is $18.00. An Associate Member’s expiration date must run concurrent with the Member’s membership they are attached to. The membership fees for the Associate Member will be prorated to $1.50 per month to match this expiration date.

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Membership Suggestions
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Membership Support
If you are having problems with our ICES website, cannot find what you are looking for, or are having trouble logging in, please contact our Internet Chair for any and all technical questions regarding the website or the ICES Secure Member Login feature. Thank you.



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